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Some people think that Asphalt Shingles are just a low-tech roofing material. But now, The Industry has turned making  roofing shingles into a science. Utilizing some of the most advanced design, manufacturing and testing techniques available.
The Result is Today’s Most Advanced Roofing Technology

 - now available to consumers to protect their homes!

Today's Asphalt Shingles Boast:

· Beauty
· Durability
· Toughness
· Granule adhesion
· Wind uplift resistance
· Flexibility
· Fire resistance

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Metal Roofing offers many benefits from increasing curb appeal to actually Adding Value to the investment of your home.

We know you will fall in love with the idea of a metal roof and enjoy the peace-of-mind it provides of knowing your family will be protected for years to come by a great investment.

· Longevity

Did you know that a metal roof can last 40-60 years – that is 2-3 times longer than a standard asphalt shingle roof.

· Protection
A metal roof also provides protection to both your family and home.  Metal protects a home from fire and is strong protection against extreme weather.

 Your Choice

Properly designed EPDM roof systems have been helping building owners from coast-to-coast reduce their buildings’ energy costs for nearly half a century. Before your next

roofing project, make sure you know all the facts about energy efficient roofing, because a Rubber Roof  Installed by New Hampshire Roofing may be just what you need to help

reduce your building’s energy costs.

EPDM has become an increasingly versatile and preferred choice for many homeowners.

· Low Life-Cycle Costs

· Long Term Warranties

· Minimal Maintenance
· Reduced Labor Cost
· User Friendly Code Approvals

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No Mater which you choose...

A New Roof is A Good Investment that Adds Value.
Over the life of your home, you could have significant savings from energy savings, updates & maintenance.  And, Most Manufacturers provide a warranty that offers lifetime protection…  it just does not get any better. Now is the time to begin visualizing A New Roof on your home.  

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